• Fall Recipes with Honey

    At The Best Bees Company, we support locally grown and raised food. We find fall to be one of the best seasons to eat locally–there are so many just-harvested fruits and vegetables available, including our own honey. Here are some delicious new fall recipes we’ve found that use both. Enjoy!…

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  • Honey, Cheese & Spirits

    Sweet and salty combinations like salted caramel or proscuitto and melon are classic pairings that engage our tastebuds and spark late night cravings. If you have a shelf piling up with a rainbow of honeys like many of our staff, we suggest marrying a variety of liquid gold with cheeses, fruit, nuts, and other accoutrements. Whether you’re planning a dinner party or an afternoon appetizer for two, a cheese and honey board is the perfect place to start.

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  • All images used with permission from Boston Public Library.

    Eastie Seed Bombas – A Local “Recipe”

    As you walk through your neighborhood, you might see bare patches of dirt next to the sidewalk or an empty lot. Those spots are just waiting for something good to grow on them. Seed bombas are a fun way to plant something beautiful without too much fuss. Clay powder, compost…

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  • Spice Nuts

    Spice Up The New Year

    It’s that time of the year again when the weather is bleak, and we’re getting tired of cooking. For those of you in need of a quick, tasty snack without the effort associated with the holiday season, look no further. Spiced nuts are the perfect treat that can be cooked…

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  • Fermented Honey is This Year’s Secret Ingredient

    Before wine, there was mead. The earliest evidence of mead dates back to 7500 BC in Northern China, where traces of fermented honey were found in pottery. Mead is made by fermenting honey in water and adding various fruits and spices for flavor. This made it the ideal alcoholic beverage for areas…

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  • hair

    Hair Wax For All: DIY Experiment from a #nextgenbeekeeper

    Here at the The Best Bees Company, we have a lot of beeswax.  Between wax cappings from honey harvesting, and old retired frames, all that wax adds up. We don’t want it to go to waste, considering how hard the bees work to make it. In order to reuse the wax, we…

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  • garlic-infused-honey-1

    Garlic Infused Honey

    Cold and flu season is approaching and after finding inspiration in ‘Unconventional Remedies’ Garlic/Honey Immune Boosting post, we at The Best Bees Company decided to try out a recipe here at the Lab. Here is a brief summary of what we found in the article: There many health benefits of…

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  • Welcome!

    Hello and welcome to The Best Bees Company’s official blog.  Here, we will be talking about anything and everything you would want to know about making the most of your Italian honey bee hive. Since the summer is in full swing, and honey production is ramping up, we find it…

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