Honey Bee Swarms


Do you have a swarm on your property? Don’t panic! Please read through the following instructions for what to do next.

First, note that this is a sign of a healthy, happy hive! When swarming, honeybees are in their most docile state and pose no risk to you or your neighbors. You can read more information about this further down the page in “About Swarms”.

For Best Bees Clients

First, we need you to email updates@bestbees.com with the following specifics about the swarm: 

  • 1-2 photos of the swarm
  • Estimated height off the ground
  • Address and detailed location
  • Length of time it has been there

During swarm season (April 1st-June 30th) Best Bees offers additional coverage for swarm collection during non-business hours. This additional coverage is based on specific client needs. Please note if you email or call after business hours or on weekends, there could be a longer delay in reply from our team. 

  • During weekdays, you can expect to hear back from us within a few hours.
  • During non-business hours, you can expect to hear back from us within 4 hours or first thing the following morning.

If you do not receive an email back from our team within a few hours, please call our main line at (781) 574-8438 


For Non-Best Bees Clients

For the 2022 season, Best Bees will not be collecting swarms from non-client properties. 

We recommend reaching out to a licensed bee removal company or your local beekeeping association for assistance in the removal of honeybee, wasp, bumblebee, or hornet nests. 

If you need help finding a service to remove your swarm please see our local resources list below.

About Swarms

What is a Swarm? 

Swarming is a means for beehives to reproduce, a natural part of honeybee biology. At first glance, a swarm can look scary with so many bees visible in one place; however, swarming bees are surprisingly non-aggressive. In fact, swarms only cause problems in most urban beekeeping environments because of the perceived risk to the public.

Why Do Bees Swarm?

A swarm occurs when a honeybee colony has outgrown their hive or confines. Thus, a swarm is a sign of a boilstrous beehive. When a colony is ready to swarm, they will produce a new queen who will leave with half of the worker bees, creating a new colony. This event is biologically defined as a “supersedure.”


Learn More About Swarms >>
Bee hive swarm nesting in a tree.

Local Swarm Resources by Region

*If you are on this list and would like to be removed, or not on the list and would like to be added, please email us at info@bestbees.com


  • Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association: 812-369-0401
  • Linda T's Bees: 404-447-1943
  • HerBees Honey: 678-230-4860
  • Buzzin' Buddies Bee Co: 678-794-7254
  • Swarm Chasers Apiary: 404-388-3427
  • Essex County Beekeepers Association: (978) 778-8276
  • The Bee Guy: 978-626-2775
  • Beverly Bees: 978-778-8276
  • Alexandra Bartsch: 781–630–1129
  • Honey Bee Boys: 774-265-5482
  • Rustic Life Farm: 781-275-8580
  • Bike a Bee: 630-234-5347
  • Honey Bee Rescue Inc: 214-227-7562
  • Rocky Mountain Bee: 720-934-6176
  • Dakota Bees: 720-621-7305
  • Back Yard Hive: 720-443-2331
  • Colorado State Beekeepers Association: 844-779-2337
Los Angeles 
  • Bee Catchers Inc: 818-448-2149
  • Los Angeles County Beekeepers: 626-305-9362
  • Bee Friendly Removal: 858-775-3511
  • Fruit of Levine LLC: 402-670-9900
  • Beekeepers Association of Central Arazona: 623-326-3125
Portland, OR 
  • Portland Urban Beekeepers: 503-444-8446
  • Melissa Bees: 503-313-0378
San Francisco 
  • San Francisco Beekeepers Association: 415-997-9276
  • Norcal Bees: 655-255-9106
  • The Honey Ladies: 408-531-5045
  • The friendly Bee Guy: 408-857-0238
  • Marin Coastal Bee Company: 415-871-4662
  • Alameda County Beekeepers' Association: 510-898-6696
  • Palo Alto Bees: 301-272-5508
  • NorCal Honeybee Rescue: 655-255-9106
  • The Smiling Bee: 650-704-2371
  • Haworthclan Honey: 408-279-6323
  • Puget Sound Beekeepers Association: 206-459-7151
  • Eastside Bee Removal: 425 306 5679
Washington D.C. 
  • DC Beekeepers Alliance: 202-255-4318
  • Eco Honeybees: 703-801-2281
  • Bee Removal Source: 202-528-7031
York City
  • Honeybee Helper: 347-623-4660
  • Mickey the Beekeeper: 917-740-8009
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