The Best Bees Company is a full-service beekeeping operation. We install and manage beehives for residences and businesses in Houston, Texas and other select markets nationwide.

In 2020, we launched a partnership with Bee2Bee Honey Collective to expand urban honeybee populations on skyscrapers and rooftops in downtown Houston.

Houston is Bee Friendly

Houston is a great environment for bees! With surprisingly diverse flora, our Houston beehives produce more honey and live longer.

The city is very supportive of beekeeping. Houston has welcomed honeybees with open arms, as they contribute to the urban agricultural landscape, pollinate the local food system, and help produce higher yields on fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers.

Envisioning Houston
at its best for bees

As leading beekeepers, we do more than service beehives, we gather data that’s helping us to positively affect the health of Houston’s bees. Our beekeepers closely observe beehive conditions throughout the season, and through DNA analysis of honey, give us valuable information on plant diversity, environmental conditions, and pesticide exposure. Our analysis of local honey has shown us that urban environments include eight times more flowering plant species than suburban and rural areas and that this is a key factor in bee health in Houston.

7.1% Pine
6.2% Clover
Illustration of a Linden Tree blooming
6% Linden
Our Services

Corporate Beekeeping

Beekeeping services for your business.

Residential Beekeeping

Beekeeping services for your home.

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