Connect Students to Biodiversity and Make a Tangible Impact on Pollinators

The 10 largest university campuses in the US make up over 200,000 acres of green space. With over 5,000 universities across the country, this poses an enormous opportunity to utilize this land in a way that supports biodiversity while connecting students with nature. 

Our pollinator programs include beehives and programming backed by scientific research. Engage students with bees and biodiversity in a safe, educational environment, supported by trained expert beekeepers. 

Campuses Around the US with Best Bees

We provide beekeeping services to over 500+ hives for our corporate clients in a range of industries, including Commercial and Residential Property Management, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Education, Hospitality and Retail.

Notable Campuses Across the US

Bring Fascinating Workshops & Engagement Programs to Your Campus Community

Looking to engage your students and staff through memorable events and gifts? Our custom Education Pollinator Program brings a fresh take on what it can look like to learn, engage and create incredible memories on your campus.

Programing includes: 

  • Sustainability reporting on biodiversity impact
  • Co-branded honey and gifts for staff 
  • Custom painted beehives in school colors
  • Meet your beekeeper events and Q&As 
  • Beehive tours to directly engage students with the bees and inner workings of a hive
  • Scientific keynote presentations on issues related to pollinator health 
  • And more!
Student observes a frame from a beehive with supervision by expert beekeeper

Biodiversity & Sustainability with Best Bees

As leading campuses invest more time and resources in ESG, they are learning that there’s a strong link between biodiversity and sustainability. The relationship between the two is simple: biodiversity creates a virtuous circle, where the more species that exist in an ecosystem, the healthier the environment.

Pollinator diversity is critical to this biodiverse virtuous circle: a wide variety of pollinators means that more species of plants can be pollinated; greater plant diversity supports all forms of life, including animals, fungi and bacteria.

Educational Program Offerings

Leveraging Green Campuses to Better Pollinator Health

Our basic Education program includes multi-site hive installation, monthly hive management by our beekeepers, monthly reports on your hives’ health, and jarred honey harvested from your hives.


  • Professional site evaluation 
  • Hand-crafted beehive equipment 
  • Colonies of docile honeybees 


  • Consultation on healthy pollinator habitat
  • Monthly beehive visits by expert beekeepers
  • Reports on the health of your hives after each visit


  • Fresh harvested honey from your hives
  • Engaging educational events 
  • Sustainability Reporting


Our honeybees, Apis mellifera ligustica, are the most docile species of honeybees, making our hives extremely safe and the instance of stings very unlikely.



We have a full insurance policy and can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) easily.



Our beekeepers are trained to work safely in densely populated urban areas. This includes on balconies, rooftops, and skyscrapers.

Two female beekeepers urban beekeeping standing in city green space

Best Bees is passionate about the environment, and is dedicated to realizing a vision of a sustainable future with healthy, green cities. Since our inception in 2010, we have expanded our focus beyond honeybee management to wider ESG strategies and biodiversity initiatives.


Through observation of thousands of hives under our care and collaboration with our scientific partners like MIT, NASA and the Urban Bee Lab, we field tests of new treatments, read the results, and share our findings with the scientific community, the beekeeping community, and the public.


Best Bees is a young, innovative organization, founded by entrepreneurs from the science, art, and technology fields.

We’re proud to be a diverse company, employing many people of color and people from the LGBTQ+ community. We are proud to be a Certified LGBTBE Business Enterprise®.

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