Science will save the bees.


Scientific Beekeeping

Bees are critical for a strong food system, economic security, and environmental resiliency. Yet pollinator health continues to decline. Here is our approach to solving the crisis: 

The Best System The Best Process The Best Data
We created Bzzz, a proprietary hive management system, to ensure the health of each beehive was recorded and ready for research.Our beekeeping practices have been uniquely developed to control variables in our dataset. This ensures that what we record is reliable for ongoing research with our partners.Bzzz has tracked data points 
from over 50,000 hive visits— measuring population, queen health, honey sums, and disease and mite levels in thousands of beehives nationwide.

Our Research Partners

We share our data with the scientific community. Collectively, it’s used to understand trends, analyze what’s working and what isn’t, and create a barometer of environmental stability.

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Our Affiliated Non-Profit

In 2014, we launched the Urban Beekeeping Laboratory & Bee Sanctuary as an official 501(c)3. This non-profit organization conducts studies to improve the health of pollinators worldwide.



We pioneered the process of identifying the exact percentage of various pollen species found in honey through advanced genomic sequencing. Understanding where bees foraged reveals which plants best feed pollinators in the local environment.

Bees In Space

Did you know we partnered with MIT and Blue Origin to launch bees into space?

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