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Celebrating Earth Day at Best Bees

This special Earth Day webinar features a hive-side chat with Paige Mulhern, our Creative Director, and Alia Marinone, Director of Corporate Operations. Moderator Elsa Scott, our Marketing Coordinator, guides a lively discussion that gives a peek inside our hive to discover the values that drive Best Bees' mission.

TNFD & Bees: A Panel Discussion On Business & Biodiversity

In this webinar, Best Bees CEO Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D. will be joined by Pranay Kejriwal, Senior Consultant at Mazars, and Austin Pierce, Associate at Latham & Watkins. Noah, Pranay, and Austin will be deep diving the new Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures framework and how it will shape corporate sustainability strategies from accounting, legal, and research perspectives.

The Business of Biodiversity with Berkeley Haas

In this webinar, Nola Oner, Best Bees Director of Products and Programming, and Danner Doud-Martin, Director of Campus Sustainability at Haas School of Business, discuss the powerful role companies, organizations, and institutions play in shaping the future norms of corporate sustainability and responsibility.

The Best Bees Company & The Urban Bee Lab: Our Shared Mission to Improve Pollinator Health

Noah Wilson-Rich, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Best Bees, and Kat Bentley, Director of Best Bees' affiliated 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Urban Bee Lab, come together in this webinar to discuss the story of Best Bees and the UBL, how we work together to advance our shared mission, and our goals and plans for the future.

Beyond Bees: How a Pollinator Program Engages Your Community

In this webinar, we'll explore how to enhance your community's engagement in your sustainability goals with case studies of Best Bees clients who leveraged their Pollinator Programs to generate interest and impact. Our incredible partner Hon's Honey is joining us for this webinar; they make our all-natural lip balm, soap, and beeswax candles. We'll discuss our partnership and how we combined two important missions to provide clients with products handcrafted by women survivors.

Earth Day Event: A Chat with Best Bees Beekeepers

In this webinar, we feature some Best Bees beekeepers from across the US in a panel discussion to chat about their beekeeping journeys, a day in their lives as a Best Bees beekeeper, fascinating things they've seen out in the field, and how they are celebrating Earth Day this year.

Bee Data: A Tool For Global Change

Join this webinar with HiveTracks, Inc. and The Best Bees Company to understand how bee data, be it from Best Bees' client hives or HiveTracks' crowdsourcing, is used to conduct research, inform policy, and provide insight into biodiversity, climate change, pollinator health, and the global food supply.


How Data Informs Beekeeping Practices

Together for the first time in a webinar, Best Bees CEO and Chief Scientist Noah Wilson-Rich and Best Bees Head Beekeeper Nathan Reid present an inside look at how the data our Best Bees beekeepers collects informs our beekeeping practices in real-time, while also fueling our long-term research initiatives.

Healthy Buildings Inside & Out

 How to Use Biophilic Design and Data for Wellness and Sustainability

Moderated by Vicki Worden, President & CEO of the Green Building Initiative, this panel discussion with Simon Turner, Founder of Building Cognition, and Noah Wilson-Rich, CEO of Best Bees, will focus on data-driven sustainability initiatives, and how they are making an impact on people and the planet.

This webinar expert perspectives on designing and operating buildings that are good for both the environment and human health.

Healthy Buildings Inside and Out Webinar

Green Roofs + Beehives: Innovations in Living Roofs

The benefits of green roofs are well established. They reduce the urban heat island effect, reduce stormwater runoff and aid in energy conservation. When you add beehives to pollinate a green roof installation, these living roofs do even more. Together they promote wellness and build community for tenants, cities, and the environment.

Register for this webinar to learn how developers, designers and building owners can put their urban rooftops to optimal use as part of their wider sustainability plans.


CEO Noah Wilson-Rich Speaks About Urban Beekeeping on the TED Stage

"Humans think about our health in a prospective way. Why don't we think about honeybees in the same way?"

We depend on bees to pollinate our crops yet the cost of these fruits and vegetables continues to rise as bees rapidly and mysteriously disappear. Noah Wilson-Rich, founder of Boston's Best Bees Company, teaches us how urban beekeeping just might save a city and a species in this TEDPrize City 2.0 talk.

Big Data, Little Bees: How NASA data reveals where pollinators thrive and why

Each backyard beehive and rooftop apiary is part of a vast network of tiny buzzing barometers. Together, they help scientists study the local and global environment. How? It’s all about the data. In this webinar, we zero in on the data we get from thousands of our clients’ beehives and zoom out to global maps of bee activity and climate conditions from NASA satellites.

Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D., Founding Partner and Chief Scientific Officer of The Best Bees Company, and Darcy Gray, Fellow with the NASA DEVELOP Program, bring this data together to show a fascinating picture of bees on Earth.

Planting for pollinators

How to Plant for Pollinators: Planning a Biodiverse Garden

Planting pollinator habitats at home can bring beauty, sustainability, and rich new connections to nature – whether you start with a small patch or rolling acres. And connecting your garden property landscape to a wider ecosystem through pollinator gardens lets you make an outsized impact on biodiversity. But there are important do’s and don’ts to make it a success!

Discover the best ways to integrate pollinator gardens and docile honey beehives into a home landscape.

Beehives Are Good For Business: How To Say Yes To Honey Beehives On Your Property

A honey beehive program can accelerate your sustainability initiatives and contribute to a green future, especially if you have data-yielding beehives!

Learn from Chief Scientific Officer Noah Wilson-Rich why building owners, developers, and managers have partnered with The Best Bees Company over the last 10 years to install and manage honey beehives on their properties across the U.S. and how a scientifically-managed beehive program is a surprisingly efficient investment.


Forging a strong connection between commercial properties & a healthy human habitat

A webinar aired live on June 23, 2020. Hosted by The Best Bees Company and featuring FoxRock Properties and the USGBC.

How You Can Help Save the Bees, One Hive at a Time: TEDxProvincetown

After analyzing HoneyDNA test results from 84 million bees, we know urban habitats are more bee-friendly than suburban and rural areas. Noah Wilson-Rich, our Chief Science Officer, presented the findings to the TEDxProvincetown audience in 2018.


Healthy Buildings Inside & Out: How to Use Biophilic Design and Data for Wellness and Sustainability

This webinar aired live on August 23, 2022. Hosted by The Best Bees Company with the Green Building Initiative and Building Cognition, LLC.

Watch this webinar to hear expert perspectives on designing and operating buildings that are good for both the environment and human health.

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