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Corporate Beekeeping Services & Pollinator Programs

Generate positive impact and connection with Best Bees through data-yielding beehives, bee health and biodiversity reporting, unique engagement opportunities, and more. 


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Benefits of Hosting Beehives on Your Property

Bring joy to your employees, tenants, and guests

Contribute to critical scientific research

Turn the urban landscape from grey to green

Engage key stakeholders in your sustainability efforts

Visible and tangible sustainability initiative

Corporate beekeeping services promote pollination of flowers, like the blue hydrangeas pictured here against a green landscape.

Why is Biodiversity Important?

Biodiversity creates a virtuous circle, wherein the more species that exist in an ecosystem, the healthier the environment. 

Pollinator diversity is critical to maintaining biodiversity. A wide variety of pollinators means that more species of plants can be pollinated; greater plant diversity supports all forms of life, including animals, fungi and bacteria.

How Best Bees Supports Biodiversity

Honey bees are an indicator species, reflecting the condition of their environment and responding to the same threats as native pollinators. 

The Best Bees Company collects data from every beehive to fuel research into protecting pollinators – the key to maintaining biodiversity levels that our food systems and planet require.

Corporate beekeeping services include honey bees, like the one pictured here, with yellow pollen stuck on its legs.

Adding to Your Pollinator Program

Engage your community and measure your impact by adding products, programming, and reporting to your beekeeping services.


Honey and custom honey labels

Apothecary Products

Educational materials and signage

Custom beekeeping equipment

Social media assets

Gifts and event favors


Keynote from Best Bees CEO Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D

Honey tasting events

Pre-recorded Hive Tours

In-person Live Hive Tours



End of Year Bee Health Reports

End of Year Honey Report

Sustainability Impact Consultations

Our Regions

We service properties within a ~90 minute radius from these city centers: 

Map of the US with Best Bees service areas marked

Looking for another city? Help us put more bees on the map.

How It Works


We help you choose an ideal location to establish one or more beehives at your home or workplace.


Our impassioned and experienced beekeepers service your beehives once a month, providing high-quality care and detailed reports.


You keep 100% of the raw honey produced. We’ll handle the rest— small batch extraction and bottling with personalized labels.


At every visit, we collect data and share it with our research partners to advance the science of beekeeping and improve the health of pollinators worldwide.



Our honeybees, Apis mellifera ligustica, are the most docile species of honeybees, making our hives extremely safe and the instance of stings very unlikely.



We have a full insurance policy and can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) easily.



Our beekeepers are trained to work safely in densely populated urban areas. This includes on balconies, rooftops, and skyscrapers.

Where Can Beehives Thrive on my Property?

We can work with your facility management team to install your hives in locations that are safely out of high traffic areas, in environments that are right for both you and your bees.

Beehives can be installed almost anywhere, including:

  • rooftops
  • courtyards
  • garden-level spaces
  • throughout facility grounds

Why Make Best Bees Your Partner in Sustainability

PhD. Founded with In-House Research Team

We analyze bee data to improve pollinator and biodiversity health

Certified Diverse Vendor

We are LGBTQ+ owned and a certified LGBT Business Enterprise

Founded & Operated in the USA

We hire local beekeepers with local knowledge across the nation

Largest Standardized Bee Data Library in the World

We’ve collected over 2.5 million data points on bee health and share these data with leading research institutes and universities

Frequently Asked Questions


We provide you with a report on each hive, after every beekeeping visit. These reports include statistics on hive size and health, quantity of honey stores, and the presence of pests and pathogens. If you take advantage of our DNA analysis service, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of the different plant species your bees are pollinating, and the amount each contributes to your honey. The reports, and aggregate learnings across all of our hives, are testament to your commitment to promoting biodiversity and improving the health of the environment.

We stock our hives with Apis mellifera ligustica, a species of honeybee bred for docility, place them in low-traffic areas and service them with highly trained, locally certified professional beekeepers. Our beehives and beekeepers are fully insured for personal liability and damage.  We can provide you with a certificate of insurance (COI) if needed.  

It’s not essential that forage be immediately available to your bees, as they can travel as much as four miles to find food and water. That said, local sources of nourishment require less energy consumption for bees and make for healthier hives.  Most of our clients add pollinator gardens, and rethink their landscaping, once their bees are established and have become an integral part of their corporate family.  Pollinator gardens and pollinator friendly landscaping help to beautify your property, provide oases of calming nature for employees and tenants, and can improve your building’s LEED certification rating.

We have over 500+ corporate clients, representing such industry leaders as Beacon Capital Partners, Four Seasons Hotels, Harvard Business School, JPMorgan Chase, L’Oreal, MIT/Media Lab, and Whole Foods.

There are many creative ways we can work together to engage your stakeholders in beekeeping, and through beekeeping, in your company’s ESG initiatives. These include programs such as educational workshops, virtual hive tours, meet-your-beekeeper sessions, keynote speakers, branded hives, signs & honey, as well as events that feature pollinators and honey-based foods and beverages.

Beehives take up very little space—about 8 square feet, and require a footprint of no more than 16” x 22” x 40”

Hives can be installed in any low-traffic area, including rooftops, courtyards, gardens areas, and landscaped grounds. For healthier colonies, we usually place hives where they will get some morning sun, and be protected from high winds.  All hive placements will comply with state and municipal requirements. For more information, read our hive placement informational guide.

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