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The Best Bees Company installs and maintains honeybee hives on commercial and residential properties in urban centers across the US. These hives serve as data points in our national network of data-yielding beehives — they're the foundation of our scientific research. Our mission is to promote and protect pollinator health and biodiversity.

Since 2010, we’ve made a tangible, positive impact on the environment, one beehive at a time. We promote a culture of inclusivity and environmental stewardship, and we are proud to be a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise®.

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From a humble start crafting beehives for friends and family to a nationwide, data-driven endeavor, The Best Bees Company has grown not only in size but in commitment to pollinator health. The Best Bees Company has developed innovative approaches and data that are now used by such institutions as NASA, MIT, Harvard, and National Geographic.


Our beekeeping methodology controls for variability, ensuring the data we collect on each beehive is suitable for rigorous research. Our clientele includes corporations that want to activate sustainability in their business model, individuals who want to reinvigorate their local ecosystem from their own backyard, and property owners who want a turnkey way to put underutilized space to work for the greater good. 


The Best Bees Company is a hub for scientists, artists, and adventurers, where a culture of creativity and environmental stewardship thrive. Our staff of driven professionals dedicate themselves to developing cutting-edge and resourceful ways of ensuring reliable bee health, global food security, and client engagement. 

Founding Partners
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Noah Wilson-Rich

Chief Scientific Officer Noah Wilson-Rich, PhD., began The Best Bees Company as a way to continue his research in honeybee immunology. His passion for bee health, research, and data-based solutions drove The Best Bees Company forward from his apartment in Boston to 21 cities nationwide.


Sean Cahill

Chief Operating Officer Sean Cahill is a software engineer and corporate operations professional. As a businessman, his dedication to Noah’s vision from its inception and his skilled eye for resources and operations brought to life The Best Bees Company as we know it today.

Our Boston Team

“Our operation is based on the innovation and tenacity of our staff.”

- Cahill
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Also In Our Colony:

Our network of 100+ beekeepers who manage our hives in over 20 US cities from coast to coast.

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