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This meeting room's biophilic design emphasizes lush greenery, natural materials like wood, and organic shapes and curves.

Biophilia and Biophilic Design: 10 Tips and 4 Inspiring Examples

Contents: Intro to Biophilia and Biophilic Design The History and Evidence of Biophilia History of Biophilic Design Key…

The TNFD and an Innovative Framework for Reporting Nature Impact

Contents: What is the TNFD? What is the TNFD Developing? Why is the TNFD Developing the New Framework?…

Varroa mite on yellow flower next to honey bee

The Varroa Mite: Number One Killer of Managed Honey Bee Colonies

Contents: What is the Varroa Mite Varroa Mite Physical Characteristics and Life Cycle  Effect on Honey Bee Colonies…

NYC Residential Rooftops Strive To Ensure Hives Thrive

NYC Residential Rooftops Strive To Ensure Hives Thrive

Protests march in the streets against greenwashing, holding a sign that says "stop the lies; action, not greenwash"

What is Greenwashing?

Contents: Key Takeaways What is Greenwashing?  The Evolution of Corporate Greenwashing Why Do Companies Greenwash?  How Best Bees…

An overwintering beehive covered in snow sits in a snowy yard next to a frozen pond

Beekeeping Tips & Tricks: Overwintering

Contents: What is Overwintering? What are Overwintering Rates? How Do Bees Prepare for Winter? What Do Bees Do…

Beehives in a pollinator garden

The Best Bees Checklist for a Pollinator Garden

Contents: What is a Pollinator Garden? Why are Pollinator Gardens important? Do Pollinator Gardens have to be a…

Propolis on the edge of a frame in the sun

Propolis and its Incredible Properties, Benefits, and Uses: In and Outside the Hive

Contents: What Is Propolis? How Do Bees Make Propolis? What Do Bees Use Propolis For? What Are the…

A bee swarm in a tree

All About a Honey Bee Swarm: Everything You Need To Know

Contents: What is a Bee Swarm? What Causes a Bee Swarm? When do Bees Usually Swarm? What is…

The New Hive Mind: Bees in office buildings

Northeastern co-op student learns the ‘fascinating’ ways of urban beekeeping

Honey bees are both an indicator species and a keystone species; pictured here is a honey bee pollinating a cherry blossom

Indicator Species and Keystone Species Explained: Honey Bees and 18 Other Examples

Contents: What is an Indicator Species? Characteristics of an Indicator Species What is a Keystone Species? Types of…

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