August 16th, 2023

August 16, 2023

We didn’t need to move any cells out of the cell raiser because at this point we’re done grafting! The developed cells from graft nine yielded 25 mated queens. Of the 26 cells we put in, only ONE didn’t make it! We left those queens in their mating nucs so they will make more brood that we can use to help out troubled hives in the Boston region. And that was our queen rearing season!

In total, we reared 95 healthy queens who successfully mated, and we moved 35 of those locally reared queens to other regions. We are so excited to continue on this journey; the growth potential of this program is exponential. Hopefully soon, we won’t have to source any queens that we didn’t rear ourselves and be more sustainable and have healthier colonies overall! 

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