Educating Students with Urban Beekeeping

Posted 09/14/2021 BY Donald Vincent

Beekeeper Che visits Charter School for bee lessons.

In our Urban Beekeeping and Steam Education blog, we highlighted how bees can help us connect with and learn more about nature. This is true for learners of all ages whether it be grade-level students or adults.  

The article emphasized how “project-based learning with bees can encourage critical thinking skills, problem solving, decision making, inspire art and technology, and ultimately result in the pursuit of STEAM training, education, and careers.”

With our network of data-yielding hives and efforts to save the bees with science, we’re excited about the learning opportunities that will take place at Bridge Boston Charter School in Roxbury this upcoming school year.

Currently, Bridge Boston Charter School has about 20,000 to 30,000 honeybees on the school’s property for the students to learn more about the bees’ life cycles, habitat needs, and how they interact with the environment. 

In a recent news clip featured on WCVB-ABC’s new channel, a student is excited to explain the pollination process to the camera crew. It is necessary for students to understand the vital role that pollination plays in our ecosystem at an early age to ensure the survival of the honeybee species. 

As managers of the bees onsite at Bridge Boston Charter, Che Ashley who was recently featured in our #NextGen Beekeeping series, shared that “Bees have a direct relationship to our health.” 

Che holding a honeybee hive frame

After naming their queen bees, Cardi B and Bailey the B, the students will learn more about how bees survive through the upcoming winter and anxiously await the spring when they’ll be reunited with the buzz of the bees again.

Visit WCVB’s website to see the newsclip in full here



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