Bees Give Beacon a Distinct Advantage

Posted 12/03/2019 BY Bruce Rutter


Beacon Capital Partners, a major player in the commercial real estate market, knows that their tenants prefer to work at properties focused on sustainability. That’s why they’ve made sustainability a cornerstone of their investment philosophy. 

In 2014 we approached Beacon with a novel way to bring their important but often invisible sustainability investments to life: roof-top beekeeping. Through a pilot program in Boston, Beacon quickly discovered that bees are a low-cost, high-value investment that pays off in the form of tenant and investor engagement, giving them a distinct advantage over other sustainability-focused property developers.

10 regions
50 properties
4.3 million bees
5 years & counting

Nola inspecting a frame of bees at Beacon Capital’s 53 State Street in Boston

Today, between 3,000 and 4,500 lbs. of raw honey are harvested annually from Beacon’s over-achieving beehives. All year round, Beacon hosts interactive events: honey-based recipe cookoffs, honey tastings, beekeeper Q&As, and more. Custom-labeled jars of local honey, custom brewed honey pale ale, and copies of The Bee: A Natural History (Princeton Univ. Press), signed by The Best Bees Company’s CEO Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D., are distributed to tenants, prospects, and investors.

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