One Investment That Will Give Back so Much

Posted 12/02/2019 BY Bruce Rutter

Beekeeper Marcella tending to beehives in Manhattan

Searching for fresh ideas to improve your bottom-line next year?  Consider a small investment with a surprising return: beekeeping. Corporate, hospitality, and property managers in cities across America are learning that beekeeping can be very good for business.

Why? Bees are in the news. Everyone is concerned about them. We need them—they’re integral to half our food supply. Industrious yet vulnerable, they’re a symbol of nature’s inherent goodness. Businesses that keep bees benefit from this—they’re seen as caring, forward-thinking, sustainable. 

Beehives and garden beds on the roof of 515 North State Street in Chicago

At The Best Bees Company, we help companies use beekeeping to differentiate their brands and engage key audiences. 

  • They make a public statement that says, “We care about the environment and are taking action.”
  • They can improve your building’s LEED rating, helping you attract tenants and guests who care about sustainability.
  • They’re good for PR: the Media love beekeeping stories, and bees and honey can be centerpieces for popular events.
  • Bees and honey can also be effective themes for employee-engaging events.
  • Honey and honey-infused products can be used as gifts to win and thank customers.
  • Beekeeping is good for community relations—they connect your business with the local environment in a very positive way.

We think Adrienne Kimball, Co-Founder of Cook’s Illustrated America’s Test Kitchen, summed it up best when she said…

“Having beehives makes me feel like we’re contributing to the survival of humanity.”

Adrienne Kimball, Co-Founder of Cook’s Illustrated America’s Test Kitchen
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