Gold is the New Green

November 28, 2019


Keeping bees and harvesting honey can have a significant impact on your company’s sustainability profile.  Here are seven proven ways a little gold will give your brand a decidedly green color:

Beekeeper, Nico holding up a full frame of honey from in Downtown Boston
  • Good citizenship. An individual honey bee can pollinate up to 5 miles a day, bolstering vegetation and floral growth. By supporting pollinators, you’re helping to create a healthy and vibrant local environment.  
  • LEED certification. Keeping beehives and pollinator gardens can help improve your property’s LEED rating.
  • Customer development. You can give your honey to customers, guests, and employees. A gift of honey is a tangible (and tasty) demonstration of your commitment to sustainability.
  • Green products. You can’t get more locally sourced then products from your own rooftop hives. Whether it be amenity honey jars, beeswax, and honey cosmetics, or signature menu items, your beehives will provide you with an array of unique gifts to share. 
  • Engagement. Beekeeping is a great way to engage customers and employees in your sustainability programs. You can offer amazing facts (our hives produce over 1,000 lbs. of honey each year), invite participation (share your favorite baking recipes), hold contests (name the queen) and host events (Honey Harvest BBQ).
  • PR. Writers are always looking for positive environmental stories; corporate beekeeping is a great angle to pitch to the Media.
  • Social media. Bees are photogenic.  You can post bee and bee-tending pictures on Instagram and Facebook year-round that customers will like and pass-along.
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