TEDxProvincetown 2018

June 30, 2018

Had so much fun giving a talk at TEDxProvincetown! This felt like a nice bookend to my 2012 TEDxBoston talk. This presented our findings for why bees are doing well where they are thriving (hint: go plant native flowers!).

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this infographic depicts a graph that shows the distinctions between commercial beekeeping and other types of beekeeping

What is Commercial Beekeeping?

Content: What is Commercial Beekeeping/Migratory Beekeeping? What is Non-Commercial Beekeeping? Urban Beekeeping Backyard Beekeeping History of Commercial Beekeeping…

When it comes to climate change and bees, beekeepers like the two pictured here are on the front lines.

Climate Change and Bees: The Effects of a Changing Planet

Contents: Introduction: Bees and Climate Change Climate Change Leading to Habitat Loss Increasing Temperatures and Habitat Loss Droughts…

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