Cambridge’s PARKing Day!

September 21, 2016

Beekeeper Sam delivering beehives to a residential client in a best bees van.

Friday was a blast as we participated in Cambridge’s PARKing day! First founded in San Fransisco, PARKing Day has branched out to multiple cities across the US, filling street parking spots with innovation and inspiration. Instead of a static vehicle, why not park businesses bustling with activity?!

The Best Bees Company and the Urban Beekeeping Laboratory were thrilled to participate. We buckled down on Third Street in Cambridge’s tech-epicenter Kendall Square, with empty beehives set up as tables. We invited the public to sit down for board games, tea, and honey! On the top of the hives were games such as Backgammon, Connect Four, and Mastermind, while on the front one could find the engraved names of our nonprofit sponsors.

These sponsors including Irving House at Harvard, John W. Henry Foundation, Foundation M, JP Green School, and The Possible Project who have graciously donated to The Urban Beekeeping Laboratory & Bee Sanctuary. By donating, our sponsors receive a beehive placed around various Boston locations.

We had so much fun sharing all of the efforts of The Best Bees Company and The Urban Beekeeping Lab with Cambridge on PARKing Day 2016!

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