Green Roofs + Beehives: Innovations In Living Roofs

The benefits of green roofs are well established. They reduce the urban heat island effect, reduce stormwater runoff and aid in energy conservation. When you add beehives to pollinate a green roof installation, these living roofs do even more. Together they promote wellness and build community for tenants, cities, and the environment. 

Register for this webinar to learn how developers, designers and building owners can put their urban rooftops to optimal use as part of their wider sustainability plans. 


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What You Will Learn

  • How bees and green rooftops contribute to wellness and environmental initiatives 
  • Examples of In-depth designs for a variety of use cases
  • How to maximize the asset value of your building through ratings (LEED, SITES, etc)
  • Key considerations for installing and maintaining a living roof

The Speakers

Headshot of Noah Wilson-Rich on a red background

Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D., The Best Bees Company

Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D., is CEO and co-founder of The Best Bees Company, the largest beekeeping service in the US. He is a behavioral ecologist, published author, and 3-time TEDx speaker on a mission to expand the bee population and improve pollinator health. Noah helps corporations understand the impact they have on biodiversity and food security.


Vanessa Keitges, Columbia Green Technologies

Vanessa Keitges is President and CEO of Columbia Green Technologies, a global leader in the green roof market industry. Columbia Green installs green roofs and green amenity spaces to promote sustainability and wellness, thus supporting building owners and cities with building resilient communities for the future. Her focus is to ensure positive returns for building owners long-term ESG investments. 

Columbia Green

About Columbia Green Technologies

Columbia Green Technologies is a market leader in the green roof & green infrastructure industry. We are committed to creating positive social and environmental impact by building vibrant resilient cities for people to live, work and play.

We offer innovative products for amenity decks, courtyards and blue/green roof systems to help our clients meet green building standards, wellness criteria and stormwater management mandates. Our products are made in the USA, meet USGBC’s LEED V4 and are Living Building Challenge Declare approved.

Along with our green roof systems, we offer a complete package with our pavers, pedestals and foam. Giving us the ability to create beautiful rooftop parks that help building owners and investors improve net operating income and meet ESG investment criteria.


About The Best Bees Company

The Best Bees Company installs and maintains honeybee hives on commercial and residential properties in urban centers across the US. Our mission is to improve bee health and expand the bee population. Since 2010, we’ve made a tangible, positive impact on the environment, one beehive at a time.

Our beekeeping methodology controls for variability, ensuring the data we collect on each beehive is suitable for rigorous research. Our clientele includes corporations that want to activate sustainability in their business model, individuals who want to reinvigorate their local ecosystem from their own backyard, and property owners who want a turnkey way to put underutilized space to work for the greater good. 

Urban Beekeeping Data Collection
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