State of the Honeybee

How are bees doing these days? The answer is in the data.

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honeybee on wooden frame

We are often asked by our clients, friends, and family: “So, how are the bees doing these days?” 

As data-driven beekeepers, we want to know the answer, too.

Using our network of data-yielding beehives, we’re able to conduct real research to help uncover the multifaceted answer to this fundamental question.

Our State of the Honeybee Report reveals new information about…

  • National survival rates
  • The impact of queen rearing
  • Foraging habits and habitats
  • Biodiversity mapping with honey
  • Beehive resilience in space
  • … and more.

Download the paper now to better understand the conditions that exist, what scientists and beekeepers are doing, and some of the promising programs that we hope will lead, over time, to a radical improvement in bee health.

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