LIVE WEBINAR: April 21st, 2023 at 12:00 pm, EST

An Earth Day Chat with Best Bees Beekeepers

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Celebrate Earth Day this year with some of our amazing beekeepers!

In this webinar, we'll be featuring our Best Bees beekeepers from across the US in a panel discussion to chat about their beekeeping journeys, a day in their lives as a Best Bees beekeeper, fascinating things they've seen out in the field, and how they are celebrating Earth Day this year.

This will be a fun and casual event, and we are so excited to feature some of the incredible individuals here at The Best Bees Company. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar, so come prepared with questions about the life of a beekeeper!


What You Will Learn

  • Meet some of the beekeepers who work tirelessly to take care of millions of bees across the United States
  • Gain insight into "a day in the life" as a Best Bees beekeeper
  • Learn what it's like beekeeping in an urban area versus a rural/suburban one
  • Hear about notable experiences our beekeepers have had while out in the field

The Speakers


Delaney Dameron (she/her)

Panel Moderator

blonde haired woman smiling at the camera in front of a grassy green yard

Rita Van Briesen (she/her)

Seattle Beekeeper and Apiary Manager

Woman smiling at the camera in front of a dark background

Brenda Alvarez (she/her)

New York Beekeeper and Deck Chief


Ronald Thompson (he/him)

Boston Special Ops Beekeeper & Data Analyst

About The Best Bees Company

The Best Bees Company installs and maintains honeybee hives on commercial and residential properties in urban centers across the US. Our mission is to improve bee health and expand the bee population. Since 2010, we’ve made a tangible, positive impact on the environment, one beehive at a time.

Our beekeeping methodology controls for variability, ensuring the data we collect on each beehive is suitable for rigorous research. Our clientele includes corporations that want to activate sustainability in their business model, individuals who want to reinvigorate their local ecosystem from their own backyard, and property owners who want a turnkey way to put underutilized space to work for the greater good. 

Beekeeper opens a rooftop hive and uses smoker
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