Special Request Visits

We are available for special request visits with advance notice.  Our starting rate of $150 an hour covers …
  • – mentoring visits with one of our mentoring beekeepers
  • – special event requests
  • – non-client swarm catches
  • – non-routine visits to prepare or response to pesticide sprayings, or to assist with required maintenance near the hive
If you are a client inquiring about an out of routine visit, there are a few free alternatives available, whereby our beekeepers leave entrance reducers (closing sticks) at each beehive. Clients can then manually place and remove entrance reducers. We advise all to schedule sprayings or maintenance for overcast or cool days, at around dusk or dawn.

Starting at $150 /hour

Only available in the Greater Boston area. Please call 617.445.2322 or email at info@bestbees.com for more information.