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Software Developer

Established in 2010, The Best Bees Company cares for beehives located at residential and corporate properties across 14 US cities. Our mission is to improve bee health and increase pollinators through client participation. We are a company of about 75 employees and have about 600 beehives under management. The proceeds from our beekeeping services fund scientific research into methods for improving honey bee health.

The Best Bees Company is interested in hiring a Filemaker Developer to work on expanding the functionality of our Filemaker based ERP, called Bzz. This platform is a sophisticated system handling all client and contact data, service agreement generation, and invoicing.  It tracks information about beehive health and notes and data from each beehive visit.  It also stores routing data for truck routes and schedules.

There is a mobile version which operates on iOS devices, enabling beekeepers to record hive visit data in real-time during apiary visits.

New functionality will help track honey harvesting data, include upgrades to the mobile versions, automation of client follow-up email, and include sales lead tracking functionality.  Development projects will also be undertaken 

Candidates should have experience in development on the Filemaker Platform.  Our platform is highly automated so extensive familiarity with good interface design, scripting for seamless operation, and strong skills with the Filemaker calculation engine are essential.  While certification is not required it is a plus.

This is a contract position but could lead to full-time employment for the right candidate.

How to Apply
  1. In an email, describe your experience with one or more of the requirements listed above. What were the context, challenge, outcomes, and/or key takeaways?
  2. Attach or link to your resume or portfolio.
  3. Send it to info@bestbees.com
  4. We’ll follow up as soon as possible!
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