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Sales Team Manager

Do you love to build sales forecasts? Do you know how to equip people with the skills and confidence to close their biggest deal yet? Can you see a process improvement opportunity from a mile away? 

This is a newly-defined role for our company. We are looking for someone who will both 1) lead and empower our passionate sales reps and 2) implement processes to drive predictable revenue. It’s a leadership role with opportunities to get your hands dirty and directly shape the sales function.

We are a young, fast-growing team with a proven service model and budding market awareness. Our corporate and residential clients are in over a dozen metro regions across the US. Please read all about our mission and company on our website.

We prefer a candidate based in Boston who will be able to spend some time in the office when necessary.

There’s no need to have any knowledge of bees. We can teach you what you need to know. You will need to have an innate passion for making a positive impact on the environment. 


This role might be meant for you if:

  • You see patterns through the noise
  • You live for Salesforce reports
  • You know how to wield tech and tools to do more with less
  • You connect with teammates and learn what motivates them
  • You give others the spotlight
  • You’ve got lots of B2B sales plays in your playbook
  • You are the calm in the eye of a storm

Define and manage sales KPIs/OKRs (or other framework of choice)

  • Create and share sales forecasts
  • Manage the pipeline stages for new sales and renewals
  • Ensure long-term opportunities are nurtured; ensure sales team is following through, staying on top of leads
  • Know if the team is on track, who’s struggling, and if we can raise our goals
  • Anticipate risks

Facilitate clear communication

  • Report on progress toward goals
  • Keep the sales team up to speed, share best practices and lessons learned; lead sales team meetings 
  • Ensure cross-departmental communication with marketing, service, and management teams
  • Articulate market feedback to marketing team; give input necessary to refine lead generation strategy, tactics, collateral, messaging
  • Keep service delivery teams informed so they can plan inventory and staffing

Spearhead sales enablement; Automate things! 

  • Set the vision, put resources in place to research, evaluate and implement solutions, e.g. email automation, proposal building, calendaring systems, etc. 
  • Better leverage Salesforce wherever possible

Motivate and support the sales team; keep morale high

  • Coach, share tips on how to up the game; run periodic sales training sessions
  • Onboard new, possibly remote team members; train local beekeepers to do part-time sales work in the winter.
  • Hold 1:1s with team members

Manage sales team capacity

  • Anticipate if/when more team members will be needed
  • Hire, onboard, and be responsible for the success of new team members

Co-manage the SDR function (outbound call/email/social efforts targeting ideal customer profiles) with marketing lead

  • Manage and collaborate with current service provider
  • Validate lists of contacts to target, articulate feedback to improve research
  • Develop SDR capabilities in-house

Support virtual and in-person lead gen events by participating as a presenter or co-host

Manage channel partnerships

  • Seek out, vet, and manage complementary service providers for referral partnerships; define partnership model and parameters
  • Cohost webinars with partners

Perform some direct sales activities; during the busy season, process inbound inquiries and close deals (both B2B and B2C)

  • Co-own key accounts with sales reps as needed

Support client retention

  • Manage a newly hired account manager
  • Support annual service renewal efforts
  • Grow account value over time
  • Seamlessly transition new clients; optimize account onboarding processes and set new customers up for success
  • 5+ years of management experience
  • Experience building a sales team
  • Proficient with Salesforce
  • Flexible, low ego
  • Fun to work with
  • Professional, highly driven
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Offer to be commensurate with experience
  • Benefits
  • Well-balanced and fun organizational culture
How to Apply
  1. In an email, describe your experience with one or two of the responsibilities listed above. What were the context, challenge, outcomes, and/or key takeaways?
  2. Attach or link to your resume or portfolio.
  3. Send it to info@bestbees.com . We’ll follow up as soon as possible!
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