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Human Resources Manager: Boston

Established in 2010, The Best Bees Company installs, manages and harvests honey from beehives on residential and corporate properties. Our mission is to improve bee health. We are a company of just under 100 employees across the nation and growing steadily.

While this role is not a beekeeping position, familiarity with bees is a plus and comfort around honey bees is a must. The Human Resources Manager will report to the Director of Corporate Operations. This individual will have responsibilities that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Guiding hiring managers in drafting job descriptions and listings
  • Facilitating and streamlining the recruitment and selection process. Guiding strategic employment planning and working with management to ensure the selection of the best candidate for positions.
  • Managing the onboarding and offboarding processes for employees
  • Developing performance management programs to help ensure employees understand their job responsibilities
  • Training on company communications systems
  • Ensuring that staff understand safety and security protocols
  • Providing overview of company policies and procedures as outlined in the company handbook and supporting documentation
  • Assisting in the formation and interpretation of internal policies and programs
  • Assisting with creating and maintaining policy documents as part of the employee handbook or in support of it
  • Assisting with the development and administration of employee benefits 
  • Bolstering Diversity and Inclusion efforts
  • Investigating employee issues and conflicts and brings them to resolution
  • Processing weekly payroll, bonuses, reimbursements, and commissions
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, along with all local and state regulations where Best Bees operates and staying up to date with employment laws in those jurisdictions
Ideal candidates possess the following...
  •  2+ years of work experience in Human Resources management or progressive responsibility in Human Resources. 
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of a broad range of human resource strategies and best practices, including compensation, performance management, safety, hiring and employee relations; able to apply these strategies and practices in compliance with employment regulations
  • Ability to switch gears quickly and adapt in our fast-paced environment
  • A love for building out process and protocol
  • Valid Driver’s License with good driving record
  • Offer to be commensurate with experience
  • Benefits
  • Well-balanced and fun organizational culture
How to Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to info@bestbees.com

In your cover letter, be sure to include an example of how you've successfully demonstrated at least one of the responsibilities listed above, and ensure it is germane to this position.

  • We require all employees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and any indicated boosters
  • Must not be allergic to bee stings or cats
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