If you are opting for custom equipment, you can choose from one of our four curated hive designs exclusive to Mahoney’s Garden Center and Stonegate Gardens or create a design of your own.

Please contact us if you are a garden center interested in showcasing these beehives in your store!

Exclusive Garden Center Hive Designs with beekeeping services: $2,995
Custom Designed Hive with beekeeping services: Varies with design


The Gardener displays exactly what its inhabitants love – flowers. Just as the perennials it showcases, this hive will retain its beauty year after year and come to life with each returning spring.


The Woodstock unifies the tones of the sun, the woods, and a lake to produce a hive as picturesque as a summer day. This eye grabbing design will compliment any space or garden and bring attention to the mesmerizing activity of busy honey bees.


In homage to the pollinators within, The Harvest highlights the extraordinary creations that honey bees make. Featuring the craftsmanship of beeswax comb patterns as well as dippers for tasting delicious honey, this design pays tribute to exactly that which it aims to protect.


Balancing both dark and light colors, The Symphony is a rich embodiment of classic charm. The buzz of your honey bees will bring this hive to life and play the role of the conductor in your garden. Combined with the colors of your flowerbeds and the sounds of songbirds, your yard will be in perfect harmony.