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Close up of a mason bee poking its head out of a mason bee nest

Everything you need to know about Mason Bees: Types, Species and 10 Amazing Facts

Contents: What are Mason Bees? Mason Bee Anatomy and Morphology What does a Mason Bee Nest look like?…

Closeup shot beekeeper hands on beehive

Types of Beehives and Bee Boxes: Managing Colony Growth

Contents:   What are bee boxes and what do they do?  The history of using boxes to manage…

Beekeeper lifts the top off of a beehive, having overcome their bee fear

Bee Fear: Causes and How to Overcome Fear of Bees

Contents: What is the fear of bees? How dangerous are honey bees? Causes of Bee Fear Symptoms of…

black and white illustration of different types of bees and their roles

Types of Bees and Their Roles and Jobs within a Beehive

Contents What are the different types of bees and their roles in a beehive? What does a queen…

A beekeeper holds a bee in their cupped hands

Bee Stings: Causes, Treatment and Tips on How to Prevent Them

Contents What is a bee sting?  Types of bee stings Why do bees sting? Symptoms of a bee…

3 Key Takeaways from Our Living Roof Webinar: Green Roofs + Beehives

In celebration of Earth Day, we held a webinar with Columbia Green Technologies. Together Noah Wilson-Rich and Vanessa…

queen bee, marked by a blue dot on her head, demonstrating her roles in a beehive alongside her worker bees

The Role of the Queen Bee in a Hive

Contents What is a queen bee? Types of queen bees What does a queen bee look like? How…

Colorful custom beehive on hotel rooftop example of urban beekeeping

Benefits of Green Roofs Plus 10 Beautiful Green Roofs in the United States

Contents: What is a green roof and how do they work? Green Roof Benefits Problems and Disadvantages of…

diy skin moisturizers

DIY Skin Moisturizers and Hair Conditioners with Honey and Beeswax

These three DIY skin moisturizers and hair conditioners are simple to follow, and easy to make a home….

Fruit honey smoothie

Fruit and Honey Smoothie Recipes

These four different fruit and honey smoothie recipes are delicious, nutritious, and dairy-free, and take just a few…

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