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How to Create a Pollinator-Friendly Autumn Garden

Most gardeners start to rein in their outdoor activities after Labor Day. But honeybees and other pollinating insects stay busy well into the fall and even early winter. You can help them out by using the tips you’ll find in this post.

A bumble bee foraging on a blue hydrangea.

Everything You Need to Know About The Bumble Bee

Contents: What is a Bumble Bee? Types of Bumble Bees Bumble Bee Quick Facts Bumble Bee Biology Bumble…

An adult carpenter bee on a tree branch

Everything You Need To Know About The Carpenter Bee

Contents: What is a carpenter bee? Types of carpenter bees Carpenter Bee Quick Facts Carpenter Bee Biology and…

Home canning jars with wood spoon on table against rustic wooden wall.

How to Make Infused Honey

Contents: What is Infused Honey?  How to Make Infused Honey Best Bees Recommendation: Garlic Infused Honey   What…

bee with pollen pants pollinating a pink flower

17 Ways You Can Help Save the Bees

Contents:   Are bees in danger? Why are bees important? 17 Ways to Save the Bees History of…

close up of adult bee foraging on a purple flower during adult stage of bee lifecycle

The Honey Bee Lifecycle

  Contents: About the Bee Lifecycle The 4 Stages of the Honey Bee Lifecycle The Egg Stage The…

wasp nest in tree hornet nest

What You Should Know About Wasp Nests: The Different Types, How to Identify Them, and Prevention Tactics

Contents: Social wasp vs solitary wasp nests Types of wasps nests and how they’re constructed How to identify…

Bees bearding on the front of their hive on top of grey cinderblocks

The Basics of Bee bearding: What it is, Why it Happens, and What to Look For

Contents: Beekeeping in the summer How does heat affect honey bees? What is bee bearding? Why do bees…

robber bees crowding at the entrance to a beehive, close-up shot

Robber Bees and Bee Robbing: What They Are and What They Do

Contents: What are robber bees? What is bee robbing? When does bee robbing occur? Why does bee robbing…

Three beehives on the roof of a Jamestown real estate property in San Francisco

Jamestown Expands Beehive Initiatives Across its U.S. Real Estate Portfolio

Jamestown, a global real estate investment and management firm, is committed to delivering an outstanding experience to tenants…

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