Earn LEED Points with Beehives

Did you know the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) awards LEED points for adding a pollinator habitat to a commercial building?


Beehives Earn LEED Credits

Here are the 7 leed Points pollinator habitats afford your property:

Local Food Production

1 credit

Social Equity Within the Community

1 credit

Heat Island Reduction

2 credits

Site Development - Protect or Restore Habitat

2 credits


1 credit

Whether you are planning a redevelopment project or in the process of constructing a new building, you can accrue credits towards certification.

Want to dive deeper?

Submit your contact information to book a beehive assessment. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive access to “A Guide to LEED Credits for Your On-Site Pollinator Habitat.” This guide outlines the rules for accreditation across the 5 categories, and how pollinator habitats impact the local environment and community.

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USGBC Exec explains LEED, a Living Standard, and an incremental path to recognizing building performance.

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In this clip from our webinar featuring Gautum Tarafdar, Regional Executive at the USGBC, you'll hear about various ways beehives have been included in featured projects.

The Best Bees Company is the ideal beekeeping service provider for LEED-certified buildings.

Some of our clients include:

What makes us unique is our dedication to research. As part of our network of client partners, your beehive data will be collected, aggregated, and analyzed by world-renowned researchers.

Your investment in honeybees from The Best Bees Company will earn you LEED points and also advance our mission to improve bee health.

Plus, you keep 100% of the honey from your hives

The Best Bees Company helps make buildings more sustainable while bringing value to tenants, communities, and real estate investors.

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