If you have any questions not answered by the information below please contact  info@bestbees.com or call (617) 445-2322 to consult with one of our experts about receiving beekeeping services for your outdoor space.

How much space do I need?

A potential client only needs about as much space as the equipment itself.  This is about 1.5 ft. x 3 ft., with some room for a beekeeper to work the hive.

What are the benefits of owning a hive?

There are many benefits to owning a honey bee hive.  You are practicing environmentally conscious living through your support for pollinators.  By increasing the number of honey bees in your area, you are likely increasing the vegetable and fruit yield for that area.  You have access to the most local honey available, honey from your backyard.  Having a hive in sight allows for you to watch your colony’s activity which can be both relaxing and fascinating.

What are the benefits of being a client of the Best Bees Company?

Having The Best Bees Company care for your colony allows you to have all the benefits of owning a hive, without the responsibility or the know-how of keeping your bees alive.  Your service fee each year supports our research for improving honey bee health.  Your colony is a data point for both our overwintering surveys and a variety of research efforts.  You have access to a team of skilled professionals both in person and via email to answer any questions you have about honey bees in general or more specifically your colony.

What should I plant in my garden?

The most beneficial thing you can do is develop a garden that blooms at all times of the year, allowing for a constant nectar and pollen source.  For example, if you are living in New England and have a yard that contains: Crocus (March bloomer), Tulips (April),  Honeysuckle (May), Lavendar (June), Butterfly-Bush (July), Goldenrod (August), Japanese Bamboo (September), and Witch Hazel (October), you are sure to keep your bees fed all blooming season.

To see plants native to your region check out the Xerces Society’s recource center.

What if I don’t have a garden?

Honey bees will forage up to 5 miles, making their immediate surroundings less critical in their diet than one might imagine.

How much honey will I receive?

We make sure to leave enough honey for the bees, first. That being said, a typical healthy first year hive tends to produce between 10lbs – 20lbs of harvestable honey.  This number tends to grow with each year.  There is also a great deal of variability depending on your hive’s health and queen status.  If for any reason your hive does not produce honey this year, we deliver complimentary honey at the end of the year (4.5 lbs per hive, per year of clientship.)

How do I know when you’re coming?

We will email you a few days before we visit, letting you know the day in which we plan to visit.

Does the cost stay the same each year?

Yes. The first year pays for the equipment and about a half year of service since you will receive the bees in May.  Sub-sequential  years will result in a full year of service.

Can I customize my hive’s appearance?

We have a custom shop option where you can work with our Head of Custom Shop, Paige Mulhern, to upgrade your equipment from the standard option.

What happens if I ever discontinue services with you?

If for any reason you decide you want to discontinue our services, we leave you with all equipment and bees.  The only difference is we will stop making routine checks of your hive.