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    Garlic Infused Honey

    Cold and flu season is approaching and after finding inspiration in ‘Unconventional Remedies’ Garlic/Honey Immune Boosting post, we at The Best Bees Company decided to try out a recipe here at the Lab. Here is a brief summary of what we found in the article: There many health benefits of…

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  • Bee Weekend at Tower Hill

    Come celebrate Bee Weekend with us at Tower Hill Botanic Garden located about 10 miles northeast of Worcester. The honey bee event is free with admission and takes place August 27th and 28th. It includes exhibits, demonstrations, honey tastings, hands on activities, games and much more. There will also be…

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    Health Benefits of Honey and Beeswax

    Summer is peak season for harvesting from bee hives. So I thought now would be a good time to go over the health benefits of honey and beeswax. First – honey. Worker bees gather nectar from flowers and younger hive bees convert the nectar into honey by beating their wings…

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