The Best Bees Company Expands to its 13th City: Philadelphia

Posted 11/06/2020 BY Donald Vincent


We’re proud to announce our expansion into The City of Brotherly Love, making it Best Bees’ 13th operating region. We’re committing to creating jobs and healthy food for people who live and work in our nation’s great cities.

We’ve been working hard at developing a strong network of beehives and beekeeping operations in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic regions including Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, DC, and Pittsburgh. These networks are helping us save bees and even gain insight on climate change through the data that is collected from each hive.

Philly is Historically Green

With over 30 gardens spanning over 30 miles in Philadelphia, the history of gardening dates back to the Quakers and their love for nature since 1728. Since then, the city has seen a growth in preserving private gardens for public use. By the 1980’s, over 1000 vacant lots had become vegetable and ornamental gardens. These numbers continue to grow as city officials recognize the increase to food access, community-building, environmental benefits, and even a reduction in crime.

According to the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild, Philly is “in the cradle of American Beekeeping.” American apiarist Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth is considered to be the father of American beekeeping for introducing the bee-space in his top-opening hive. A Philly native, Langstroth is responsible for the popular hive structure we still use today. This is one of the many reasons we’re excited to expand to Philly and join its sustainability efforts for a greener city.

We’re looking forward to joining the growing efforts along with the movers-and-shakers making an impact in Philly’s sustainability movement mentioned below.

  • Urban Jungle

    Located in the heart of South Philadelphia, Urban Jungle specializes in bringing a natural green environment into homes, interiors, and public spaces through landscape design and vertical gardens. You’ll love their artisans and architects that uplift any mood by creating much needed greenspace from green walls to irrigation systems. Not only do their vertical gardens create a lasting, visual impact, but they also help craft a more sustainable impact on the environment. Be sure to check them out for planning your next sustainable project. Welcome to the Jungle.

  • Fairmount Park Horticulture Center

    Sitting on the site of the former Horticultural Hall and the 1876 Centennial Exposition building, the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center is a luscious greenhouse in the West Fairmount Park. Take a stroll through Fairmount Park Horticulture Center and get lost in the beautiful art pieces and sculptures that are visually enhanced by the surrounding plant life. Looking for greenhouse yoga, a quaint place to meditate, or planning a private event? Look no further- their indoor oasis is the perfect place.

  • Greensgrow Farms

    According to GreensGrow, Urban greenspace is more important than ever. And we couldn’t agree more. GreensGrow is known for food access programs and connecting an urban environment community to nature. Their gardening and educational programs are dedicated to building a more sustainable Philadelphia. GreensGrow is on a mission to cultivate the future leaders needed to create a greener Philadelphia. Learn more about pollinators, propagation, and herbal medicine through their group workshops.

  • The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia

    The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia is cultivating change in complex systems throughout the city of Philly. Through sustainability models, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia has taken strides to help the community plant more trees and combat the inequities that come from sustainability benefits. They also provide impactful research, connecting diverse leaders, and advance shared solutions. Help them drive regional change and see how they help fight pollution and climate change by envisioning a thriving Greater Philadelphia region powered by informed and collaborative leadership.


Want to help others activate sustainability in their business model or bring bees to their backyard? Our team of data-driven experts are ready to help you in Philly as we embark on this new journey for a sustainable future. We’re looking for beekeepers to help our beehives thrive throughout the city. Are you ready?

We look forward to hearing from you. Get in contact with us here.

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