New Look, Same Mission: The story behind The Best Bees Company’s Brand Refresh

May 29, 2020


HOW FAR WE’VE COME: From Tiny Apartment to Outerspace

Since its inception in 2010, The Best Bees Company has been a product of innovation. Founding Partner, Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.d. began this company as a means to continue his research in honeybee immunology. This driving factor has remained prevalent in everything we do. From our humble beginnings operating outside of a cramped apartment in Boston to a nationwide endeavor, we’ve stuck to our mission to improve bee health.

Through years of fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants marketing and stroke-of-luck appearances in outlets such as Martha Stewart Living, The Wall Street Journal, and even Viceland, we experienced a good measure of publicity.

In the meantime, we focused on delivering exceptional service, honing our beekeeping process, and building partnerships with the world’s best research organizations. The core team of scientists at Best Bees grew to include artists and activists, and a truly special culture took root.



Now, on the 10-year anniversary of our founding, we are propelled by the support of long-time clients, interest from new sectors, a growing awareness of the global climate crisis, and a resolve to make even more of an impact over the next decade and beyond. To help accomplish our bold goals, we took a hard look at ourselves and crafted a new logo and website that better reflects our brand. I’m thrilled to unveil these to you today.

OUR LOGO: Charm Meets Innovation

Arriving at the decision to design a new logo was not easy. It’s quite an intimidating task, to change a deeply rooted symbol beloved by our team members and clients. Our logo had been by our side for a decade and it symbolized the novel experience of developing our operation into what it is today.

But a lot of things have changed in the last 10 years. To name a few:

  • We made the leap from a DIY, Boston based start-up to become the largest beekeeping service in the country, operating in most major urban centers.
  • We iterated and improved on our beekeeping methodology, creating a sophisticated system that allows for controlled data collection.
  • We shifted gears to service not only residential properties but also skyscrapers and large corporate campuses requiring co-branded collaborations.
  • We even sent bees to space!

We wanted our new logo to reflect our evolved state without losing our roots. After months of going back to the drawing board—sketching out beehives, honeycombs, and hive tools—we decided to keep the bee insignia. Doing so was the key to achieving metamorphosis while staying true to who we are. No matter how much we grow, the bee will always be at the heart of everything we do. It is the epicenter of our mission and our logo.


Our old logo (left) and our new logo (right).


In addition to feeling more sophisticated and progressive, our new logo accomplishes a few practical goals.



Co-branding with corporate clients will be much easier and more effective now that our logo can scale down and remain legible. Plus, we are now easily differentiated from the familiar consumer brand featuring a guy named Burt that appears on everything from lip balm to kids’ pajamas.



The logo redesign process was a true labor of love and we couldn’t be more proud.


OUR WEBSITE: A Stronger Platform To Tell Our Story

We all know that a good website is vital to a successful business. It needs to create the right first impression, communicate what you do and who you are, and grow with you in new and bold directions.

Our former site was a bit limiting and didn’t effectively explain everything that we’ve been working on. So, we started fresh.

Our old site (top) and our new site (bottom).

Our goals in developing a new Best Bees website were to clarify our story, create a platform that delivered digestible information, make it easy to navigate, and stay true to our culture and our mission. We also wanted the site to reflect a fresh visual identity. This upgraded look consists of new colors, typefaces, and illustrations.



We hope you enjoy our new virtual space!


OUR ROADMAP: What To Expect Next

Given the massive amount of data we collect across all our clients during each beehive visit throughout the year, we’re looking forward to delivering more insights about the bee population.

We are showing our clients the impact their hives are making on the planet both directly, by supporting the local ecology, and indirectly, by contributing to the data used by renowned scientists to study pollinators.


More collaborations, more science, more innovation, more awareness, more empowerment. More individuals and more companies championing the bees. This is the promise of The Best Bees Company.

Thank you for being a part of our colony.

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