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Portland Beekeeper Alex Sanchez

Portland’s New Beekeeper

My name is Alex Sanchez, and I’m a 24-year-old artist and designer living in Portland, Oregon. As a Puerto Rican who was lucky enough to grow up in both the U.S. and on the island, I embrace my multiculturalism and find that it has affected both my life and art positively. I moved to Portland from Florida to pursue a design opportunity at an advertising agency a few years ago. It has been a big change moving to the Pacific Northwest; however, I find this area of the country to have immense natural beauty which also manifests in the local culture through sustainable business, green products and natural passions.

After two years of living in Portland, I had been seeking more meaningful ways to connect with the city and its natural beauty. While out on a photo shoot one day, I received a message from an old college roommate who now works for The Best Bees Company. He asked if I was interested in learning more and helping out with the start of the Portland expansion. I knew this was the start of a great connection and didn’t hesitate to sign on. Beekeeping is fairly popular in Portland and can be seen in backyards, farmers markets, and beyond. (More information about the Portland beekeeping scene is available on the Portland Urban Beekeepers website).

With a strong passion for “design for good,” I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to get to know the important world of bees firsthand. With a growing knowledge of bees and beekeeping, I hope to find ways to merge the importance of the bee community and population with the visual communication of art and design. So far I’ve been excited to help The Best Bees Company expand and fulfill their mission in Portland, Oregon and look forward to being a part of its growth and success in the area.

The Best Bees Company is actively hiring beekeepers in all nine cities where we operate. We’re proud to provide paying jobs for local beekeepers, both experienced and new to the field. Currently all positions are part time, but we encourage all interested participants to reach out. Responsibilities include hive inspections, equipment building, and honey jarring, among other related tasks. In some cities we have the opportunity for staff to do light rooftop farm work in addition to beekeeping.

If you’d like to apply as a part time beekeeper, please send a resume and cover letter to Sean Smith at s.smith@bestbees.com.

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